The chemical industry plays a key role in integrating value chains and makes an important contribution to the global economy.

According to experts, the demand for the products of chemical enterprises in the coming decades will grow by 4-5% per year.

The global chemicals industry continues to grow amid favorable long-term forecasts.

Petrochemical sector continues to play an important role in the structure of the chemical industry.

International Energy Agency forecasts show that by 2040 this sector will supplant the fuel and energy sector as the largest consumer of crude oil.

The daily oil demand of chemical enterprises will exceed 15 million barrels, which is associated with significant investments in the oil refining sector.

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Investment cost of building chemical plants

The purpose of this section is to provide an overview of the main approaches to assessing the investment costs associated with the construction and start-up of a chemical plant.

We cannot talk about specific figures, since the differences in the cost of technologies and equipment for chemical production are too large. In addition, there are so-called economies of scale and huge differences in land and labor costs, transport costs and other factors depending on the host country.

The cost of building small chemical plants can be in the tens of millions of US dollars, but facilities of this scale are being built less frequently and are mostly limited to regional projects. The current trend is to gradually expand factories and move to large and expensive projects in order to economize on scale and further improve competitiveness.

The total cost of building a chemical plant is made up of numerous components such as engineering design, obtaining permits, purchasing land, purchasing and installing equipment, constructing buildings, testing, and so on.

Obviously, it is extremely important for most companies to obtain adequate external financing for chemical plant projects with a large initial investment.

Initial investment

The initial investment can be divided into two categories.

On the one hand, these are investments intended for the acquisition of fixed assets and the supply of raw materials needed to start the production of chemical products. On the other hand, these are financial resources for maintaining liquidity and carrying out business activity from the start of the project until stable cash flows are achieved.