The construction of a new chemical plant, as well as the expansion and modernization of existing facilities, requires the correct application of theories, principles and practical experience in chemical engineering, combined with an assessment of the constraints imposed by specific conditions.

Engineering is a creative innovation process.

Designing a chemical plant, especially a new technological process, from the idea stage to its practical implementation, is a complex task that requires multi-stage solutions.

A comprehensive approach based on the practical experience of the engineering team makes it possible to implement each project efficiently and ensure the achievement of investors' goals in the shortest possible time.

To ensure the success of a project, it is important that all teams of engineers who work on various aspects of the project work closely together to form a single team.

The implementation of a new chemical production project includes the following stages:

  • Creation of the project concept.
  • Preliminary economic and market assessment.
  • Obtaining and analyzing information for making a final decision.
  • Detailed economic assessment and definition of key indicators.
  • Development of a detailed design of the future plant.
  • Management of procurement of materials and equipment.
  • Construction and installation of equipment.
  • Commissioning and testing.
  • Production control.

The need to build large factories today requires from an engineering company a wealth of experience, professional competence and modern design and construction methods.

In the current realities, most clients want to get a ready-made turnkey solution, shifting to the general contractor all the risks and problems that may arise during the implementation of an investment project.

Tamley LLC with its partners is ready to offer you a full range of services related to financing, engineering design, construction and modernization of chemical plants.

Our professional experience and advanced technologies are the key to the success of the most ambitious investment projects.

Engineering design of chemical plants

The general term "chemical plant engineering" includes all engineering aspects associated with the development of a new chemical plant, modernization or expansion of an existing plant.